The Mulberry Project

Mulberry Project was started in 2010 by a team of leading NYC bartenders determined to make a change to the bar industry. The goal was to take the conventional idea of a speakeasy and flip it on it’s head, delivering a more unique experience tailor made to every guest. They pioneered the Bespoke Cocktail program allowing guests to create their own drink from a large list of fresh ingredients. 

After many successful years as one of New York’s leading hotspots, they took their concept “on the road” and started doing PopUps around the world. These PopUps are more substantial than most, setting up for many months, taking a team and there whole identity to each new place. They’ve opened 7 locations globally in 5 years doing PopUps in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Israel, Iceland, Kenya and Tanzania. They aim to find homes in these countries, returning year after year and subsequently Tulum, Mexico and Nairobi, Kenya have turned into full time locations

Their secondary goal was to give bartenders the opportunity to travel and truly experience different cultures and bar communities. Mulberry Project staff get to really immerse themselves in the countries they work in with placements being for several months.  

With new locations on the horizon, we look forward to giving you Something More… around the world.